Which documents are needed to enter Morocco?

Documents needed upon arrival:

To enter Moroccan territory, European, British and American nationals only need to show a valid passport to customs. They are not in need of a visa. Upon arrival they will have to fill out an information sheet at the airport and mention the address of their initial place of stay. This sheet must be presented with the passport. Once they get through customs, they have the right to stay three months from the date of their arrival.

Documents needed to extend your stay:

Afterwards, when students wish to extend their stay without having to leave the country, they must seek permission at the Police Department responsible for handling foreign passports. They will have to justify their request and prove they have a housing (a leasing agreement in their name or a certified accommodation certificate) as well as a steady income sufficient to meet their needs (this should be supported by a Statement of Account issued by a Moroccan bank). It is therefore preferable for students wishing to apply for an extended residence permit to open a bank account once they arrive in Morocco.

If not, the student may always take advantage of his week off (between two sessions) to go back and forth to his home country. In doing so, he will again obtain the right to stay for three months once he returns.

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