An ideal environment

Located in the northeast of Morocco, Oujda is the administrative center of the prefecture of the Oriental region. It is a pleasant city to live in with a Mediterranean climate. The annual average temperature varies between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. During the summer, it is hot and in the winter the weather is mild to cold with occasionally some rainy days. Oujda is easily accessible thanks to its international airport and infrastructure (highway, railway, etc.). Visitors to the city have access to all kinds of popular tourist activities*. About 60 kilometers away, one may easily spend a day at the sea.

Founded in 994, this ancient city is steeped in history and was elected as the Capital of Arab Culture for 2018. Its old city, the Medina, is surrounded by walls with Arab-Andalusian-style gates. Once the visitors passed these gates, they are submerged in a colorful world with plenty of flavors. Every Thursday, the large Souk (market) awaits its visitors. Its architecture works—the Great Mosque, the Madrassah, the Moorish Bath and the Kasbah dating back to the Marinid dynasty—will only reveal themselves to those who take time to wander around them at times when visitors are few in number.

Oujda is also a city where you can easily walk through beautiful parks, whether on your own or with your family. The many restaurants in its outskirts offer a suitable environment for family excursions. While children are having fun on the playground, parents may relax and enjoy the mild weather.

Also known as the city of 400 mosques, Oujda is—at a global level—the city with the second-largest number of mosques in relation to the overall population. The official world record is held by its Muslim and Turkish sister city: Istanbul. So, no wonder nobody here looks at his watch for prayer times. Moreover, the city has plenty of places offering classes for Qur’an memorization.

We could talk much more about the city and describe its enjoyable attractions, its surrounding landscapes and its people. But the simplest thing we can do is to advise you to come and join us here. Who knows, maybe this city will also conquer your heart and, after having studied the Arabic language, leave you with unforgettable memories and enriching life experiences.

* These are some of the attractions that the city of Oujda and its surroundings have to offer:

  • The forest of Sidi Ma’aafa (running trails for joggers, mountain biking, picnic spots surrounded with trees).
  • An ecological park located at the entrance of the city (a park, outdoor activities for children, slides, swings, etc.).
  • The Sidi Yahya oasis, about 6 kilometers away from the city center, is ideal for short enjoyable family walks in a simple and beautiful environment where visitors may rest while having some Moroccan tea.
  • Indoor swimming pool (timetables for men and women).
  • Tennis club (7 clay courts)
  • The Ain Sfa site, also named the “source of purity,” is situated at a distance of 30 kilometers northwest from the city of Oujda.
  • The Fezouane thermal spring is located at 40 kilometers from Oujda.
  • Two outdoor go-kart tracks (Dar an-Nassim / Zaka Kart)
  • Rest areas on the road to Algeria (grills, green spaces, various games…)
  • The Lalla Aisha Park is a large green space in the heart of the city (flowers, walking paths, etc.)
  • The Lalla Maryam Park is a site that provides a lot of shade and is popular amongst locals who enjoy its cool weather and tranquility.
  • Pony Club
  • Indoor soccer (5 vs. 5)
  • Fast food, sandwich bars: Frenshy’s/Kazdal (chicken, pizza, lasagna, tiramisu…)
  • Large supermarket chains (Marjane/Aswaaq As-salaam, etc.)