An experienced and dedicated team

The Bint Adnaan organization team is doing its best to make things easier by helping you manage your courses and providing you with information and some facilities.

From a study perspective

Assessment of your level in Arabic, selection of the most appropriate program for your situation, progress tracking

Each level is finalized with an exam that determines whether the student may move on to the next level. Upon arrival at the institute, students wishing to start at a level higher than the “Literacy Class”—for which no preliminary knowledge is required—will be subjected to an exam corresponding to that level. For example, if a student wants to begin at level 4, he will be required to pass the final exam of level 3. If he passes, he will be allowed to begin at that level. If he fails, he will take the final exam of level 2 and then be placed in a class according to his results. This way, he will join the class that really fits his level and benefits him the most.

In a similar way, the situation of students wishing to attend private classes will be assessed. A program will be drawn up in function of their study skills and time availability. In this way, they will get the most out of their investment.

Each level is made up of eight units. Every two units, the student is subjected to a “progress follow-up” exam. This will enable the teacher to continuously monitor the student’s progress, identify any possible weaknesses and guide him throughout his studies. The exam is short, it doesn’t contain any surprises or traps and is intended to assess whether or not the student has mastered the program’s previously taught lessons. The level ends with an exam that the student must pass with an average of at least 75% in order to be admitted to the next level. A resit exam is scheduled during the registration week (i.e. the week following the final exam of the level) for students wishing to retake the exam without repeating the level.

From a logistical perspective

Arrival at the airport, renting an apartment, registration and primary needs when taking up residence.

In addition to the provided courses, the Bint Adnaan Center offers additional benefits and services. The airport pick-up service allows you to forget about any possible worries you may have upon arrival. A person delegated by the Center will pick you up once your flight has arrived and will escort you to your apartment so that you can settle down. He will then drive you to the Center for registration. At your request, our Housing Service Department will be instructed to handle your case and find accommodation according to your profile (single person, a couple, a family), your financial means and your requirements. These services will be kept available for you at all times. If you wish to take advantage of them, they will be billed according to a prior mutual agreement. In this way, you will save time and a significant amount of money.

From a leisure and cultural perspective

Extracurricular activities, trips and entertainment.

We provide our students with a list of extra-curricular activities (leisure trips, cultural visits, entertainment) available in Oujda and its surroundings. Some of them occur in partnership with the Center, others are simply recommended because the locals consider them to be valuable and of good quality. For more information, please visit the section where we explain why, in our opinion, students here are able to move forward in an ideal environment.


In short, everything has been set up so you can productively devote yourself to your studies. We even offer a flexible program related to the organization of your courses.