An effective method

With regard to the educational material used in the Bint Adnaan Center, we opted for the revised version of the The Arabic language at hand’s reach method (العربية بين يديك). This method is one of the achievements of the foundation Arabic for all (العربية للجميع) whose main objective is to promote the teaching of the Arabic language to non-native speakers around the world.

So far, it is the most sophisticated and effective teaching method of the Arabic language to non-native speakers. First published in 2005, the method has been taught around the world and was chosen by universities, schools and other centers that are devoted to teaching the Arabic language and have done so in a successful manner. The pedagogical approach that was developed by the authors of the method is highly advanced. Without neglecting any aspect of the language, it has enabled thousands of non-native speakers—all starting from scratch—to understand, speak, read and write Arabic after one year of intensive study.

In 2014, nine years after its first edition, a new version of the method was released. On the basis of the observations and comments made by the people who used the method during all these years (teachers and students of all origins), the method was now adapted, reformulated, corrected and enriched on various levels. In the end, an optimized method emerged suitable for non-native speakers who wish to learn the richest and most honorable of all languages.

This is the method we use for teaching at the Bint Adnaan Center. Our instructors, besides being qualified teachers, have also been trained to teach this method by the very same people who elaborated it.