About us

Located in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Morocco, the Bint Adnaan Arabic Language Center for non-native speakers is a new private educational institute that pursues the following objectives :

  1. – Teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers around the world using a customized approach that is most suitable for the student’s specific situation while at the same time following an extensive program in as short a time period as possible.
  2. – Develop a qualified and specialized teaching staff for non-native speakers that understands the particular status of the Arabic language and that is very committed to passing it on to others.
  3. – Organizing summer seminars mainly aimed at Moroccan youth living abroad and at those who find themselves in a similar situation. This way, they may combine study with pleasure and regain the Arabic language during their stay in Morocco.
  4. – Encourage the habit of reading and writing in the Arabic language by organizing free workshops on literacy for the most disadvantaged students.

Why “Bint Adnaan” ?

The Prophet Ismaeel—Abraham’s son (عليهما السلام) who was left behind in Mecca by his father at the Lord’s command—became Arabized after coming into contact with the Banu Jur’hum tribe (originally from southern Arabia) that also came to settle in Mecca. When he grew older, he married a woman of the tribe and became the most eloquent amongst them. One of Prophet Ismaeel’s (عليه السلام) descendents is Adnaan who is also one of the ancestors of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. There is a consensus on our Prophet’s ﷺ lineage all the way to Adnaan and on the fact that Adnaan himself was a descendent of the Prophet Ismaeel عليه السلام. Scholars in the field have, however, disagreed on the lineage between Adnaan and Ismaeel, عليه السلام. As a result, Adnaan has become one of the names belonging to the filiation of the Arabs and their descent. When we speak of the Arabized Arabs)) العرب المستعربة that descended from Ismaeel (عليه السلام ), we actually mean the Adnaanites (عدنانيون), in reference to Adnaan.

It is for this reason that an Egyptian poet in the middle of the last century used the expression “Bint Adnaan” (literally: Adnaan’s daughter) to figuratively designate the Arabic language. He wrote the following verse in a poem extolling the merits of an institution working to revive the Arabic language in a colonized country where it was being fought : 

This poem had a profound meaning in the context in which it was written. We therefore chose to name our institute after it. This is how the “Bint Adnaan” Arabic Language Center came into being.

As for the letter (ض) that is mentioned in our logo, it also represents the Arabic language. Indeed, one of the nicknames of the Arabic language is لغة الضاد (literally: the language of Daad), “Daad” being a letter of the Arabic alphabet that is distinct from the other letters.